Friday, July 19, 2013

Abandoned Toys - Spiraling into the Sun (neoclassical darkwave steampunk music)

Of the steampunk artists who work with a neovictorian or neoclassical styling, Abandoned Toys is one of my favorites.  The way they combine acoustic instrumentation with found sounds and field recordings is quite moving and striking. 

Ephemeral Mists - Sacred Geometries (steampunk world fusion music)

Ephemeral Mists is my favorite artists working within the tribal - world fusion realms of steampunk music.  In a way similar to artists like Beats Antique and Dead Can Dance, but more electronic than DCD and more melodic and BA. 

The Synthetic Dream Foundation - The One Eyed maiden (steampunk music)

The Synthetic Dream Foundation is one of my alltime favorite steampunk music bands.  They just really nail down this merger of bombastic orchestral music and modern electronic sounds.